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Industrial Metal Detectors, Drop Through Metal Detectors, Metal Detectors for

Food Packaging, Plastics, Timber, Paper, Mining & Defense Industries.

Pulse Induction metal detectors, Metal Proximity and Belt Splice detectors.

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Series 4B-QDF


The QDF is a high performance Metal Detector suitable for detecting ferrous and Nor-ferrous metallic contamination in a wide rang of food or other products.

The QDF consists of an Aluminum constructed detecting head with full surround triple coil system filled with a Non-shrink Urethane resin for complete sealing.


The system operates using analog main controls with digital pulse phase modulation and phase discriminating signal demodulation coupled to a dual gated signal detection system for maximum performance.


The system is designed with full automatic temperature control with AFT & AGC/AFC circuits for maximum performance on conductive products. Full reject timer facilities are also provided with the system including output relay for controlling external equipment.


The unit can also be constructed with remote mounted controls up to 20 meters away from the detector head, or with flanges for special applications.


Automatic Fine Tuning & AGC/ AFC Circuits

Dual Gated Detecting System network

Eliminating early tripping from approaching conveyed

product with metal contamination for accurate rejection


3 Stage Signal Demodulation Filtering System

Built-in delay & rejection timers

Designed to meet IP65 specification

Operates with hot or cold products

Detects all ferrous and non-ferrous, Stainless Steel metals

Operates at high or low belt speeds

Selectable Output Functions: relay dry contacts 240V 2Amps

Electrical Power Supply Range: 180V to 270V AC 50/60 Hz 40VA

Operating Temperature: 2 to +40 Deg C Humidity 95%

Designed and Manufactured in Australia