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Series HZD-RMC


The Series HZD-RMC high performance metal detectors are suitable for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metallic contamination in a wide range of non-metallic products in a hazardous areas. These units consists of an inspection head, with optional remote mounted Controls fitted with a signal strength LED display module, Power Supply and Relay mechanism. The product to be examined falls through the aperture via a non-metallic tube, or conveying system etc. A penetrating electromagnetic field is generated within the aperture, and metal; no matter how deeply embedded in the product, it can be detected. The TRIP relay contacts may be used to actuate a visual or audible alarm, stop conveyor motors or actuate automatic reject mechanisms etc.

The metal detector head is fitted with an FJB211 certified enclosure & glands housing the electronic controls, and powered by a low voltage 20v AC passed through a rectifier/regulator & filter system, to provide clean DC power to the detector head operating components.

Mains power passes through a Toroidal Transformer via Dual safety fuses to provide low safe working voltages to the complete system.




Line Voltage.

180v to 270v AC 50/60Hz

Maximum Power Consumption.

40 VA

Circuit Protection.

Transformer Primary, 2 amp fuse.

Transformer internal Primary over-temperature fuse (130 deg C

Mains Power Transformer secondary voltage.

Toroidal 20v-0-20v AC/36VA.

Metal detector Head operating voltage/consumption.

20vac/27vdc filtered @ 400mA.

Relay output contacts.

1 pair of changeover contacts (Dry Contacts).

Relay Contact Rating.

Maximum rating, 2amps @240vAC

Relay Condition.

De-energizes when metal detected (N) (Relay is Activated when

system power is applied).

Delay (Travel) Timer.

0.2 to 10 seconds.

Alarm (Reject) Timer.

0.2 to 10 seconds.

Operating Temperature.

-2 to 45 Deg C. Humidity 95%

Dust/Hazardous Proofing. (Metal detector head unit).

Zone: 21E T5

Zone: 22E T5

Zone: 1 & 22

Head/Coil sampling speed.



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