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Industrial Metal Detectors, Drop Through Metal Detectors, Metal Detectors for

Food Packaging, Plastics, Timber, Paper, Mining & Defense Industries.

Pulse Induction metal detectors, Metal Proximity and Belt Splice detectors.

Series 4B

Construction of a Series 4B metal detector unit for application in coal mining in the detection of brass or copper explosive detonation devices.

These units can be used in other applications that require large apertures and higher levels of sensitivities.

Series 4B with Removable End Plate System

Mainly used in applications for meat, plastics and paper recycling, timber and other applications where the detector can be fitted or removed without cutting the belt. Sizes ranging from 400mm wide x 100mm high up to 1500mm wide x 800 high. Mild steel or Aluminium head construction.

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Ore conveyor

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors


ABM have produced an extensive range of PI units

for use in mining or other industries. These detectors can be mounted on conveyors, or configured for Drop or slide-through application in the detection of all metals in conductive Ore, timber, plastics etc.


Average metal detection sensitivity is approximately 4% of aperture height with conductive Ore.

These units are of light weight and can be fitted without cutting conveyor belts etc.

Our PI units are extremely simple to operate and powered by either; mains or 24v DC with high immunity to external interference.

Aperture sizes: up to 10 meters wide x 4 meters high

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors